Our School Policies

Safeguarding & Child protection

We are committed to ensuring that your children have a positive, enjoyable and SAFE experience with us at Dynamix Dance Academy. Our safeguarding and child protection policies are there to ensure that no child, parent or adult is put at risk or harm. This responsibility is not taken lightly and will be adhered to by all paid members of staff, as well as volunteers, students and parents.
  • No discrimination of any kind will be tolerated. All genders, faiths, religions, sexual orientations, disabilities are welcome within the Dynamix family.
  • Everyone is entitled to exist equally, within the Dynamix family, without the risk of bullying, abuse or any kind.
  • We understand that there are policies, set out by the government, that must be adhered to and acknowledged and we will do everything in our power to do so.
  • Our staff will always hold a valid DBS check, and undertake children’s safeguarding and child protection training.

We will do this by:

  • Everyone is valued, respected and listened to.
  • Ensuring any behaviours that could be perceived as abusive or bullying will be addressed and dealt with immediately.
  • Making all the necessary checks, when recruiting new members of staff.
  • Following procedures put in place to ensure that every child is safe. (noted below)
  • Sharing information and communicating with staff, parents and students. Where absolutely necessary, outside agencies will be notified.
  • Providing effective management, support and supervision for all staff and volunteers.


  • Teaching dance sometimes requires hands on corrections. All staff will check that every student is comfortable with kinaesthetic correction, before carrying it out.
  • All staff will ensure that a student has gone home with the correct person. If no one is there to collect them, the child will stay in the room with the teacher.
  • No staff member will allow a student to travel home alone without written parental consent.
  • All Students will wear correct uniform in class, including hair tied back neatly, and in a bun from Grade 1 and no jewellery will be permitted to ensure safe dance practice.
  • All staff will have emergency contact details on hand.
  • Staff will enforce the no photography and videography at all times except in a designated watching class. Then we will ask that only your child features in your photographs etc, unless you have prior permission from the parent.

General T&C’s

1. Half a terms notice should be given in writing, if you would like to cancel your place. If this is not received, you will still be expected to pay for half a terms worth of classes, except in very extenuating circumstances. This is because your child place will have been reserved and hall fees etc are paid in advance of the term starting.
2. Unfortunately absences, both pre-arranged or otherwise are non-refundable, however you may make up the class in any other class of the same level.
3. Fees should be paid on or before he start of the term. Any fees still outstanding by the 2nd week of term will have an additional late fee of 5% added to the total bill.
4. We ask that uniform is purchased from ourselves, as soon as your child has settled. Hair should be tied up and from Grade 1, a bun is required for all classes. No jewellery is permitted.
5. Although we try our best to avoid it, class cancellations or date changes are sometimes unavoidable. In this instance, an alternative will be offered or an extra class arranged.
6. Parents are only permitted to watch classes, in our designated parents watching classes, scheduled at the end of of each term.
6a. Photography and videography is permitted in these classes but please try to avoid taking photos of other children without prior consent.