Children’s Classes

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Our children’s classes follow the RAD Syllabi for Ballet and the ISTD syllabi for Tap and Modern Theatre. These are both highly respected and prestigious bodies in the world of dance and encourage a high level of technique, as well as giving students of all ages the opportunity to really dance. All classes are suitable for both boys and girls.


Our  Nursery Ballet and Taster Tap is a preparatory class, which uses imaginative movement and story telling, combined with steps that will bridge the gap between our toddler classes and our Pre-Primary syllabus class. It encourages confidence and creativity as well as beginning to look at  technical aspects of ballet which they will take with them throughout their ballet journey. We also begin to explore some basic Tap movements which encourages diversity from a young age.

Our Pre- Primary Ballet (age 4.5- 5.5) is the first grade in which our students will learn a set syllabus of work which encourages much more independence, as well as technique whilst still encouraging imagination and still using props to aid their understanding. We work with a view to participating in a class test. A class test is similar to an exam in that the students have a goal to work towards and will be awarded with a certificate, but in this instance, their class teacher accompanies them into the exam, in groups of up to 8 children. Although not compulsory, class tests are a brilliant motivator and it is a very exciting experience! They will have the opportunity to show the examiner everything they’ve learnt and we try to make it a really special experience!

From Primary Ballet (age 6), we begin to see our babies transform into real ballerinas and this continues all the way through to Grade 8, which is the final graded examination. Each grade develops strength, technique and performance skills and culminates in an examination. All successful students will be rewarded with a certificate and a medal. From Grade 1, our students will learn Character work, which teaches dances from various countries around the world, including Hungary, Russia and Poland. From Grade 2 our students will begin learning barre work.

Tap and Modern Theatre

These follow a similar framework to Ballet.

Our students begin learning Primary Tap and Modern Theatre from the age of 4.5. They will learn a set syllabi in all grades, which encourage technique, performance, musicality and and great fun!

Much like Pre-Primary Ballet, Primary Tap and Modern both take the form of a class test. Although only 4 students go in together, they are accompanied by their teacher and will show the ISTD examiner everything they have achieved during the learning process.